Les Cuvées

Since 1903, respectful of traditions
Created in 1903 by Fernand Lemaire, and for 4 generations, the small family business has been respectful of the Champagne traditions and has maintained the exceptional quality of its production.

Pressing is carried out immediately after picking, so that the skin of the grapes won't color the juice. The juice is then transfered directly to the winery where the alcoholic fermentation occurs.

After several stages conducive to the development of Champagne Fernand-Lemaire, we blend various proportions of our wines from different grape varieties and different years, in order to obtain for the various cuvées of the range, with our home-style flavours and taste representing our signature

The wines are then bottled and begin a long stay of 2 to 10 years in the cellars of the House, thus ensuring their good aging and the development of exceptional cuvées. Maison Fernand-Lemaire is one of the last Champagne-makers to riddle all of their bottles by hand.

After all those years, the final steps are the disgorging, and then corking the bottle, which will then be dressed in light for the pleasure of your eyes, but especially your taste buds!